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Seeking Saltwater Boat with Trailer

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Are you the proud owner of a saltwater boat with the features and attributes I'm seeking? I have an exciting barter offer for you! I'm in search of a reliable saltwater boat with a trailer that is well-equipped and ready for adventure. If your boat checks all the boxes below, let's discuss a potential exchange. Get ready to sail the seas with confidence and style!

Required Features and Attributes of the Boat:

Running Engine: I'm looking for a saltwater boat with a dependable running engine, ensuring smooth and reliable performance on the water. It should be in good working condition, well-maintained, and ready for countless nautical escapades.
GPS/Fish Finder: The ideal boat for me would include a GPS/Fish Finder system. This invaluable feature will assist in navigation, helping to find the best fishing spots, and provide essential data for a successful and enjoyable day out on the water.
Trolling Motor: I'm seeking a boat with a trolling motor, as it provides excellent maneuverability and control, especially in calmer waters or when fishing in shallow areas. The trolling motor should be functional and capable of delivering a smooth and quiet operation.
Trailer Included: To facilitate easy transportation and storage, I require a boat with an accompanying trailer. The trailer should be in good condition, roadworthy, and equipped with all the necessary safety features.
Preferred Additional Features:
While not mandatory, the presence of these additional features would greatly enhance the appeal of the boat and increase its potential for a successful barter:

Fish boxes or live wells for storing catch
Comfortable seating arrangements for passengers
Canopy or Bimini top for sun protection
Rod holders for convenient fishing
Marine stereo system for entertainment on board
Safety equipment (life jackets, fire extinguisher, etc.) in good condition
Well-maintained hull and overall appearance

Shipping Address:
Lakeland, FL 33809, United States
Will accept shipment from:
United States
Local Pickup
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