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Carpet Cleaner for LARGE FLOOR RUGS

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We own a boutique hostel in Aguadilla Puerto Rico and we are expanding and renovating, we are willing to provide lodging for up to 2 people in one room in return for any Goods or Services we need such as CARPET CLEANING for several large floor rugs.

We also will trade for Professional Services, such as Accounting/CPA, Legal, Financial. Experienced IT Tech, Project Management, Massage Therapy, Counseling/Psych Therapy, Other Possible Services, also if in PR food/beverage, restaurant/bar equipment and supplies, floor/tile services, buffing, exterminating, building materials, etc.

Aguadilla is a top travel area in Puerto Rico!

If you are interested please view our website and contact us!

Do not hesitate to ask if there is a profession or skill you can provide in trade.

Aguadilla Puerto Rico USA

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Aguadilla00, Puerto Rico
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