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Counseling: Online/On site Family, life coaching, drug, etc

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We own a boutique hostel in Aguadilla Puerto Rico and we are expanding and renovating, we are willing to provide lodging for up to 2 people in one room in return for Counseling Services. At the moment immediate online drug addiction counseling is needed for a family member. We can reserve your room for whenever it is convenient for you.

We also will trade for Professional Services, such as Accounting/CPA, Legal, Financial. Experienced IT Tech, Project Management, Massage Therapy, Counseling/Psych Therapy, Other Possible Services, also if in PR food/beverage, restaurant/bar equipment and supplies, floor/tile services, buffing, exterminating, building materials, etc.

Aguadilla is a top travel area in Puerto Rico!

If you are interested please view our website and contact us!

Do not hesitate to ask if there is a profession or skill you can provide in trade.

Aguadilla Puerto Rico USA

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Aguadilla00, Puerto Rico
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