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Real Estate > World > Temporary Use > Residential / Vacation Home > Use of half of Residential Property, minimum 1640 sq. ft.

Use of half of Residential Property, minimum 1640 sq. ft.

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Temporary Use
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2 people Will share with present owners and provide the services they need in staffing their home and providing services to them and care of the home and shopping chef services, companionship etc., etc., etc. and , and create job opportunities nearby that will increase the value and marketability of the home or purchase by us. Jobs can also be provided in the home to present occupants if wanted. Couple living in are University Graduates with doctorate degrees in professionswho use computers and the internet and web sites with their own equipment. Couple is multilingual (5 languages) We do not have any visitors excellent references and credit with no debts and 24 years rental history at same address $2,250 rent per month which we want to eliminate with house sitting or sharing. references from famous people world wide, including U.S. Presidents and Presidents or other countries

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