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Room/Apartment/Cottage/Any Housing-in exchange for services

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Temporary Use
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Arizona, United States
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Mature woman will..WORK for HOUSING!! .. please help!
(Flagstaff/Sedona/CampVerde areas) Would consider the Phoenix area-as second choice.
Responsible, Flagstaff resident since 1986..
needs a housing by February 1st !!
* What do you need help with???
I will do Housekeeping / Home Management / Sitting / Caretaking/ Cooking / Office work-etc..
until I am working again and can afford some rent - if need be.
I have always worked and I raised 7 children.
Currently receiving unemployment and seeking work. (Unfortunately, unemployment barely pays my car payment, insurance, phone and a bit left over for food)
* I can provide a 'Clean Background' check and References!
I have No pets_No smoke_No drugs!!
I do have my own reliable transportation ('99 Honda CRV)
I am very good with elders and (well behaved) children as well.
* I had a temporary place to stay but that will end at the end of January..
If you can help out.. please respond. I would like to find a long term position, but will take a temporary one if necessary. Calendar will only allow through 12/30/10.
Thank you,

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