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We are the first barter site that verifies users to enhance the security of their trades. Verify your account after the registration and receive 10 POINTS as a BONUS ($10.00 value)!

Trade Cars, Trucks or Motorcycles for Anything offers a great barter experience while offering open ended trading alternatives, including the opportunity to barter for transportation. You can trade for all types of vehicles for free. With barter, you can avoid the multi-step process of selling and only then buying, and by eliminating the middle man you save money. And by trading, you are green. If you are searching for a car, cabrio or convertible, a truck, flatbed or pickup, an SUV, an RV, a motorcycle, even a tractor, or the parts and accessories that go with them, BarterQuest can be the best way to get what you want.

At the same time, when you join the BarterQuest community you join a global network of people like yourself who share your interests. Connect with other users by joining our trading clubs and using our forums.

1978 Ferrari GTS 1999 Honda Goldwing SE 1500 W 2008 Dodge Ram Quad Cab

Trade For What You Want and $ave Cash!

On BarterQuest, your trade doesn’t have to be limited to another vehicle. You can trade anything for anything you can think of. Don’t miss the chance to get the vehicle you want and keep your cash.

Also, if you have a trading opportunity but the exchange is for things of different value, you can equalize the value of your trade by sending or receiving points (BarterQuest’s onsite exchange currency). Your points will be held in escrow until you can confirm that you got what you bargained for.

Trade what you HAVE for what you WANT.™

Become a user of BarterQuest and not only get the vehicle you want, but save money, be green, and have fun doing it!