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Posting HAVES and WANTS

You can only start trading after you post at least one item that you HAVE and may wish to trade. Posting an item does not commit you to do anything. However, the more items you post, the more likely it is that you will begin to receive offers. At least once every 90 days you must update the availability of each item that you HAVE to trade or the item will be removed from your post.


After you have posted your HAVES, you will be asked to post one or more items you may WANT. You will also be asked to link your WANTS with specific HAVES so that the BarterQuest Matching engine can do its job. If you do not link WANTS with HAVES, you will be able to trade, but you will not be able to Match. You can trade within and between the major categories, for example, goods for services, services for real estate, or real estate for goods.