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Points can be used to equalize the value of trades. You may trade with or without points. You cannot initiate a trade by making an offer and requesting only points. When you make a counter offer or accept a trade, you can request points only.

  • Points are ‘non-cash’ exchange currency.
  • One point = $1
  • Use points to equalize trades or acquire items.
  • Points can be redeemed for cash (unless provided to you as a promotion)
  • Trade item(s) without using points
  • Exchange item(s) and offer points
  • Exchange item(s) and request points
  • Offer points only
  • Request points only

Use Points to Equalize the Trade Value

Purchase Points

You Are Sending Points You Are Receiving Points
Offer / Counter No Pre-Authorization
No Purchase Required
No Pre-Authorization or Purchase Required.
Accept Pre-Authorization Required
No Purchase Required
Confirm Purchase Required


When your payment is pre-authorized, a 72 hour hold will be placed for the amount of the payments on the PayPal or credit card account that will be charged. This hold may affect the availability of funds in your PayPal or credit card account.

  • You can purchase points at any time without charge. One dollar equals one point.
  • You are not required to purchase points for a trade until the trade is confirmed. Offers where you will be sending points do not require pre-authorization or the purchase of points.
  • When you accept an offer where you will be sending points, the purchase of the necessary amount of points will be pre-authorized to the extent that the points you already have are insufficient for the trade. No points will be purchased until the trade is confirmed.
  • You can purchase points with either your PayPal account or a credit card.
  • While it may provide added convenience, you are not required to have a PayPal account when you purchase points. When you redeem points for cash, PayPal will inform you by email when your money is available, whether or not you have a PayPal account at that time.

Redeem Points

You can redeem points at any time for cash (U.S. dollars), unless the points were provided to you as a promotion. Promotional, or bonus, points can be redeemed by any user to whom such points are transferred.Your account will be credited within 30 days of your request to redeem points.

Unavailable Points

When you accept a trade using points, you cannot use the points in another trade or redeem the points for a 72 hour period, pending confirmation of the trade.

The transfer of points is subject to Secure Payment. When you receive points, you cannot use the points in another trade or redeem the points until their release date, which will be 14 days after (1) the confirmation of a trade involving goods, (2) the completion date for your service, or (3) the first occupancy date of your property, unless the sender decides to release the points earlier. If the sender disputes the trade prior to their release date, the points will be held until the resolution of the dispute.


There are no fees charged for using Points except when points are redeemed for cash.

Redemption fee: A redemption fee will be charged at the time points are redeemed for cash. The redemption fee is expressed as a percentage of the value of the points redeemed plus a minimum charge for each transaction. Go to Fees

Payments Secured by PayPal

BarterQuest uses PayPal to process all payments, including payments related to the transfer and redemption of points. BarterQuest is a PayPal verified merchant.