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Trading Out: The Rise of Bartering
Bartering — trading goods and services — is as old as humankind. However, new technologies are making it easier and more accessible than ever. Bartering is seeing a resurgence as people look for new ways to make money and stay afloat in unpredictable financial times. “This is the new method for an old practice, with e-commerce,” Paul Bocheck, CEO of BarterQuest, told the E-Commerce Times.

Bad economy renews interest in bartering
BarterQuest founders Dr. Paul Bocheck and Michael Satz talk about the growing potential of bartering.

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Bartering Goods on the Web
Dr. Paul Bocheck and Michael Satz, founders of BarterQuest, explain their Web site and why the concept works.

How to pay for services and get goods without paying a dime!
Bartering seems pretty old-school. But think again. With today’s economy and so many folks low on cash, bartering is making a big comeback!

Trade or swap to get what you want without ever paying a dime.
The recession has created a resurgence in bartering — transactions where goods or services are exchanged instead of cash. Moms, business owners, and entrepreneurs are all getting in on the bartering bonanza.

Wanna Trade?
“There are plenty of sites online where you can find free stuff. Finding free stuff is all well and good. Consider trading for it instead. You probably have something you wouldn’t mind giving away. That’s what BarterQuest is all about. You can trade more than just physical objects. There are also sections for services and real estate. You can swap graphic design for legal advice. Switch houses with someone for a low-cost vacation. It’s a very flexible system.”

Cool Site of the Day: BarterQuest – Barter for free items online
“There are plenty of sites online where you can find free stuff. Finding free stuff is all well and good. Consider trading for it instead. You probably have something you wouldn’t mind giving away. That’s what BarterQuest is all about. You can trade more than just physical objects. There are also sections for services and real estate. You can swap graphic design for legal advice. Switch houses with someone for a low-cost vacation. It’s a very flexible system.”

5 Money Saving Sites Which Uses The Bartering System
“BarterQuest is the most well designed and active bartering site of the ones listed for review. Categories for trading items and services are varied, including cameras, furniture, sporting goods, video and computer games, and even gift certificates.”

Bartering Saves Bucks for Businesses
“For small businesses that don’t want to become a member of one of these bartering exchanges, there are a host of websites that let individuals trade goods and services. BarterQuest is one example. On its site, goods, services and real estate can be traded around the world.”

CNN Barter Segment
A segment on Commercial Barter featuring the International Reciprocal Trade Association (IRTA).

Trading Up?
“New York has become something of a hub for bartering services and expertise, in these cash-strapped times. Always a place where real communities form easily, the city’s ideally placed to host a new era of personal exchange.”

Sign of the times: Going swapping, not shopping
“The rise of the quid pro quo possession comes courtesy of a host of reasons: budget-tightening during a persistently sour economy – swapping is mostly free!”

Internet helping to bring bartering back

“ has seen its members go beyond trading goods. Their site lists services for trade ranging from dental work to home renovations. You can also localize your search or trade internationally.”

Save a Buck: Bartering Is Back
“Whether you have unwanted gifts that stores won’t take back or just want to get something in exchange for your unused possessions, the easiest path may be to barter them away.”

Let’s Make a Deal
“(Bartering)is alive and well and serving an important function in today’s economy. (A) growing number of individuals and businesses are resorting to barter as a way to secure goods and services, move excess inventory and attract new customers without laying out precious cash.”

Bartering: The Alternative to Buying
“BarterQuest , , has reported a 570 percent increase in first time users. They also drew more than 100,000 visitors in just two months after the website launched!”

New rules of Bartering
“First of all, it is a good deal and we’re seeing on sites like Craigslist and that sort of thing the interest is just increasing by leaps and bounds… There are a number of them. One of them is called BarterQuest. So, people can go on there and look. But the sites are taking advantage of the interest, there’s a very growing interest in this so that people can post their goods and services that they have up for barter.”

In Bad Times, Bartering Can Beat Buying
“(Barter) is the new national pastime. Okay, baseball still wins. But given the economic downturn, many people are reverting to this ancient form of commerce…Sites such as report a surge in interest…The reason? Bartering is addictive — and fun.”

“BarterQuest comes with high accolades from other reputable news outlets. Registration with BarterQuest is free and the website is easy to use… my kind of site. With bartering you’ll get something in return and it’ll often be at a steal.”

Get what you need by bartering your skills
“, an amazing new (and FREE) website empowers people to make these trades and more – a perfect savior during times of economic downturn… Before man created money, the barter system was all we had to exchange products and services, and now it’s back in a big way with!”

Barter returns because of the crisis in America
“ (has) grown exponentially from the deepening crisis in the United States. Users of all ages and social strata are involved. ‘The crisis has prompted people to do something that is natural. It’s back to the cave, where the earliest form of trade was barter,’ said (the CEO of BarterQuest).”

Puerto Rico Reinvents Itself
“Sites have been developed on the Internet in which a user…can advertise a service or good that they have and specify what they want in return. As an example, on the website a user is soliciting carpentry services in exchange for plumbing and remodeling services.”

Bartering is back thanks to online marketplace
“…bartering is back thanks to websites that make it easier to match up people wanting to exchange their goods…(A) quick look at some of these bartering sites might leave you surprised by what you find. (On BarterQuest) someone was hoping to temporarily trade use of their Manhattan high-rise in return for use of a luxury apartment in Hong Kong.”

To barter successfully, use contracts, caution
“Remember when you were a kid and you coveted the cool baseball glove your friend had, but you didn’t have the money to buy it from him?…you may have offered to trade. You were engaged in bartering…(As a barter platform, BarterQuest supports) an ancient system that’s taken on new importance among today’s cash-strapped consumers.”

ORF (Austrian TV channel)
“Since the launch of the Website ‘BarterQuest’ three months ago, thousands of people were looking for trades. Designer purses for babysitting, sun glasses for jewelry, computer games for cutting the grass. Everything, nearly everything, is offered here.”

Extreme Measures – Go Back to Bartering
“Barter is back, thanks to Web sites (like BarterQuest) that make it easier to match up people wanting to exchange specific goods and services. For families, barter Web sites offer an innovative way to get a new video game, plumbing repairs or even a vacation rental without cash.”

Trade and Save
“ first says it has 1000 new visitors a day. The bottom line is trading saves money.”

Live on Less: Bartering 101, Trading Haves for Wants
“At you can unload unwanted items for something of greater value to you…After centuries of paper currency…, thousands of people are cutting out the middle man and simply making these trades themselves… 21st century barter extends from trading babysitting with your neighbors across the street to elaborate exchanges that revolve around the trading of houses.”

SanDiego Union Tribune
“Other bartering sites, including… say interest is soaring.”

Channel7 Denver
“At an online trading site, first-time visitor traffic is up 500 percent from January to February this year.”

Professionals Bartering Skills For Goods
“If you’re big on skills but low on cash, perhaps bartering is for you. Bartering is a great way to get what you want. To make things easier, websites like BarterQuest…list a wide variety of professional services.”

Real Deal: Use Barter To Cut Costs
“Not only is this cheaper and less complicated than Ebay or Craigslist, it’s a great way to reuse, repurpose and recycle!”

“It’s amazing the kinds of things that are listed on here So many people constantly adding their pictures, adding their professions.”

BarterQuest on FOX My9 News
“Everyone we spoke to for this story has had a positive experience with bartering…And perhaps most importantly, it’s fun.”

eBay for barter economy?
“In bad economic times, people look to save money and get the most value for what they already own…Users can swap shoes for MP3 players, mountain bikes for business consulting services, or any number of combinations.”

Barter unwanted Christmas gifts online
“Every kid who traded baseball cards in their neighborhood knows the advantage of trading and how to weigh the marketplace.”

BarterQuest Introduces a New Way of Getting What You Want by Using the Oldest Method of Trade…
“Trading should be and is championed by the green revolution…BarterQuest is dedicated to becoming to barter what eBay is to auctions and Amazon is to consumer sales…We believe that BarterQuest is well-positioned for success.”

“On the website of BarterQuest, bartering experiences it’s renaissance. You can barter almost anything.”

“BarterQuest seeks to establish a new concept for worldwide online barter.”

BarterQuest: New Site Helps You Trade Your Stuff
“It will be the first trading site to fully exploit the advantages of the Internet and allow people like yourself to realize the possibilities of getting stuff for stuff, of excluding the middle man, of avoiding the need for money to get what you want.”

BarterQuest is in Beta: Regifting gets organized
“If you think of the three R’s Reduce, Reuse, Recycle BarterQuest is the epitome of green and in a crappy economy, it’s the startup I’d be betting the farm on.”

BarterQuest: Trade Goods, Services, and Real Estate
“Another way to shop that makes life easier, and you can clean out all that clutter too!”