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The following sets forth the current fees and charges for the services that are available under the domain and sub-domains of barterquest.com (the “Site”). Your use of the Site constitutes your agreement to pay the fees and charges set forth herein. All fees are payable in U.S. dollars.


Type Payment Notes
Registration Free
Membership Free
Verification $9.99 (optional) A one time, non-recurring fee is payable by users when they verify their account.
Trading Free* *There are no trading fees for real estate listings.
Listing From $0.99 Certain categories have higher fees.
Points Purchase Free There is no fee to purchase points. For example, you pay $10.00 to purchase 10 points (one point equals one dollar).
Points Transfer Free There is no charge when points are used.
Points Redemption 3.0% of points value + $1.00 A redemption fee is payable by the user at the time points are redeemed for cash. The redemption fee is equal to 3.0% of the points value redeemed (one point equals one dollar) plus $1.00 per transaction.

Certain Policies Relating to Fees

  • If your account is suspended or terminated for any reason, any fees or charges are immediately due and payable. BarterQuest reserves the right to charge your billing method for any amounts that have not been subject to your dispute.
  • When you submit a listing, your listing may not appear immediately in the browse or search functions. BarterQuest cannot guarantee exact listing durations.
  • You can view your recent account activity in My Account.
  • Fees apply to each Confirmed trade and each listing of a service or real estate.
  • Fees relate solely to your trading activities on BarterQuest. Fees do not purchase any right, title, or interest in the Web page. BarterQuest has the right, in its sole discretion, to place third party advertisements on any Web page on the BarterQuest site, without your consent and without any payment to you.