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It is a common story, and in this case true. Three people who had been working together for a number of years were having coffee at one the ubiquitous coffee houses in New York while waiting for a rain shower to pass. The subject of barter came up. A friend was involved in a business to business trading site in the Czech Republic. This raised a question. Was there an Internet platform for individuals to trade? We were not familiar with one. Why not? After a lot of Internet surfing, more conversation, and more coffee, Paul Bocheck, Bianca Han and Michael Satz founded JPM Global, Inc. to develop BarterQuest as a user friendly and interactive trading site for individuals. Their confidence in BarterQuest was born from their intuitive recognition of a “big” idea, but was also based on their combined 65 years of experience in establishing and operating entrepreneurial ventures, in the engineering of software and the development of hardware for Fortune 100 and startup companies, and in new product development.

Dr. Paul Bocheck, President and CEO, has had extensive research and development experience with leadership responsibilities at both established and entrepreneurial technology companies. At BarterQuest, he is responsible for operations, technology and intellectual property.

Paul is recognized internationally as a leading expert in Internet multimedia, networking and wireless technology. He is a member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) and the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM). Paul’s research has been presented at numerous professional conferences, has been published, and is referenced in numerous publications.

Prior to his immigration to the U.S., Paul was a software engineer at a research and development company in Prague, Czech Republic. After arriving in the U.S., Paul was engaged as a senior research and development engineer at IBM, responsible for the implementation of S/390 mainframe projects within the Trusted Systems Communications Group for the U.S. government. From 2000 to 2002, Paul was the founder and President of MD, an Internet company that pioneered patented technology for the mobile exchange and management of medical records by medical professionals.

Thereafter, as the CTO and Vice President, Technology of Interactive Taxi, LLC, a division of Targeted Media Partners. Paul was a chief architect of the new generation of multimedia passenger information monitors currently installed in New York City taxicabs. Immediately prior to BarterQuest, Paul was the founder and CEO of an Internet software consulting firm that was focused on the application of 3G mobile and wireless technologies to video security, including intelligent CCTV video surveillance.
Paul received his Ph.D. and Master of Philosophy degrees in Electrical Engineering from Columbia University, an M.S. degree in Electrical Engineering from St. Petersburg Electrotechnical University, in St. Petersburg, Russia, and an M.S. degree in Computer Science from the Polytechnic Institute of New York University (“NYU”). Recently, he lectured as an Adjunct Professor at the Polytechnic Institute of NYU in the department of Computer and Electrical Engineering.

Paul’s passions include flying and scuba diving. Having received his Private Pilot license in 2009, he flies frequently from local New York and New Jersey airports. He is currently training for an instrument rating. Paul is an Advanced Diver. In 1996, he successfully completed the NYC Marathon and, in 2006, the NYC Triathlon, and, in 2010, 100 km Escape New York bicycle tour. Other interests include travel, skiing, and cross-country running.

Bianca Han, Executive Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer, after attending university in her home country of Korea, proceeded to do what was at that time quite unusual for a Korean woman, traveled extensively and unaccompanied throughout Asia, Europe and the United States. This willingness to follow her own path has remained a constant in her career. She worked as a purchasing agent for foreign corporations operating in Korea, for a Korean trading company, and as the liaison between a major U.S. fashion house and Korean manufacturers.

Having emigrated in 1986 to seek opportunities not readily available to women in Korea, Bianca founded her own design company in New York in 1990. As CEO of Han New York she successfully overcame the obstacles common to any startup, relying on marketing and new product development to differentiate her company from its competitors. All of this she placed on the “back burner” to pursue BarterQuest, assuming responsibility for the design of the website.

When not browsing the Internet and checking on activity on the website, Bianca enjoys bicycling, snorkeling, reading biographies, socializing with friends, and, of course, traveling (where it all started).

Michael Satz, Chairman and Founding Investor, started his career as a lawyer, graduating from Harvard Law School in 1974. After several years practicing at a major New York law firm, he realized that when participating in business transactions he could receive more satisfaction from solving the whole puzzle put before him rather than being limited to providing only the legal input as one piece, albeit an important piece, of the puzzle. In fact, several of his clients “accused” him of being entrepreneurial. Pleading guilty, he became part of the first generation of senior management in the financial guaranty insurance industry, creating a legal road map as the first general counsel in the industry and, thereafter, establishing many of that industry’s key operating principles as the Chief Operating Officer of Ambac.

Thereafter, he founded and was the CEO of Assured Guaranty, a New York Stock Exchange listed financial services company. As the CEO of ACA Capital, Michael managed its successful turnaround from the brink of insolvency and positioned the company for its initial public offering on the New York Stock Exchange. More recently, he has acted as the Vice Chairman of Big League Barbers, Inc., a national franchisor that is utilizing new structural and marketing techniques to penetrate an otherwise well established market.

BarterQuest Australia

Vincent McDade, an Entrepreneur and Business Troubleshooter with over 30 Years Business Experience, he spends a significant part of his time problem-solving with businesses of all shapes and sizes. Having set up several businesses and building them into successful going concerns his expertise covers everything from Sales Training, Professional Marketing, Business Development, Business Consulting, Business Brokering, Trade Brokering and Internet Marketing.

As a Business Troubleshooter my single goal is to provide solutions that will make your business run better In today’s challenging economic climate, the ability to deliver engaging digital experiences that differentiate your brand and deepen customer relationships is more crucial than ever to developing a business advantage.

Vince is committed to taking barter to a new level of online trading. He is returning to his core interest, the “art of the deal.” Barter is back as an increasingly important component of the global e-market. BarterQuest Australia represents the cutting edge of e barter, a rapidly growing industry that offers a direct response to the worldwide financial crisis by providing a less costly way to get what you want. Through BarterQuest, representing the cutting edge of e-barter worldwide, Vince is committed to significantly expanding barter, first in the Australian and then in the New Zealand markets.