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We are the first barter site that verifies users to enhance the security of their trades. Verify your account after the registration and receive 10 POINTS as a BONUS ($10.00 value)!

Barter Real Estate

If you are interested in trading Real Estate, BarterQuest offers a wide range of possibilities. On you can trade anything. This means you can swap Apartments when you travel, barter a Vacation Home or Condo, trade Timeshares, or offer your Property in a permanent exchange for something you want. On BarterQuest you can barter real estate to make life more affordable (and interesting). Or you can trade Real Estate that can be used in a business or for commercial purposes.

Many types of Real Estate can be offered on BarterQuest. Listing is FREE and easy. When you list your property, you will be provided with a check list for the specific things that come with it, for example, the number of bedrooms, its access to various activities, air conditioning, and others. When you offer a Property for temporary use, a calendar will let you indicate when it will be available. Your trading partners will be able to find your Property not only by its description, but by its location.

Trade what you HAVE for what you WANT.™
Luxury condominium in center of Manhattan Villa with private beach Ocean View residential lot

List your Real Estate. Become a member of the BarterQuest community. Take advantage of our trading clubs and forums. Meet people from all over the world who are interested in house swapping, bartering for holiday getaways or trading timeshares. Save money and have fun!