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Frontier City Day Passes-Ok. City

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Broken Arrow, OK 74014, United States
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Jul 13, 2023

I have up to 150+ Day Pass tickets for the Frontier City Theme Park in Oklahoma City. These are “walk up” tickets meaning you don’t have to go online and pick a day to go, pray it doesn’t rain or someone gets sick and you have to cancel. You just present the tickets when you chose to go. They are open through December, so you can wait until cooler weather.
I'm valuing the tickets at $50.00 ($80 regular retail each) and I have enough to cover whatever we agree to trade And, you don't have to use the passes yourself. You can utilize them however you choose. Scammers don’t bother as I often meet face to face to inspect and trade in person. I won’t email or text a code.
If you want to trade a vehicle, for example, I'll need the VIN Number ahead of time. And with property, for example, I'll need the Legal description ahead of time. So, don't hold back. I'll consider any serious proposal.

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