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RollsChoice Adhesive Pen Cigar Glue Business

Item Number: 92265
Trade Type:
Permanent Exchange
Property's Location:
San Diego, CA 92114, United States
User (Rating):
Not Rated
Estimated Value:
100,000 points per Permanent (one point = $1.00)
Last updated:
Jun 01, 2023

Looking to trade my business for a house. The business comes with a registered Trademark. RollsChoice Adhesive is an all natural food grade ingredient cigar glue. Designed to seal any kind of cigar or rolling paper without unsanitary ineffective saliva. Instagram is at rollschoiceadhesivepen and has 23k followers. is rollschoice with 37k followers. Business comes with inventory worth 50k. As well as everything needed to transition the business.

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