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I'll trade you this,, Retired Boat / Kids play ship. For ???

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Silverado, CA 92676, United States
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Sep 05, 2017

NOT restorable. 1985 - 21' Bayliner Capri, cuddy cabin. Still has wheel and instruments. Worth $$$? No paper, no motor, no trailer. Ideal for someone with a big yard and small children. With a little paint / decals and a child's Imagination, it can be anything they want it to be. It can be added onto to make it longer and or taller. I will trade for anything on this list. Either of us may add more items to equalize value.
(NOTE) This list is alphabetized,,,, not prioritized.
**** These marked items are wanted new and in some quantity.*****
I'm looking for,,,,,,,
1. Aluminum foil*
2. Antibiotics, peroxide, first aid items*
3. Batteries - all sizes -- types*
4.Canoe paddles.
5. Candles*
6. Candy*
7. Canning jars and lids*
8. Canoe (18' or longer)
9. Cast iron cookware
10. Chain saw (pole type)
11. Chimney Brush
12. Chevy V8 engine, low miles.
13. Copper wire #6 or larger 500' spool
14. Food (storable) (canned), vinegar, bullion, gravy & soup base, tea, coffee*
15. Gas hedge trimmer - Echo
16. Generators (prefer propane powered)
17. Guns and ammunition, thermal image scope
18. Honey, syrup, sugar*
19. Lamp oil (clear) ,can fuel, charcoal & lighter fluid.*
19.5 Other oils - motor oil, 2stroke, chain saw, tractor, cooking oil, coconut oil, etc.**
20. Laundry detergent, bleach (non scented)*
21. Microphone (harmonica type)
22. Oil of various types. (30wt. synthetic, 2 stroke, chainsaw, tractor, hydraulic, etc.)
23. Paper goods, (lots of toilet Paper, paper plates, cups towels etc.) *
24. Peroxide*
25. Planting seeds*
26. Quad Runner (work type)
27. Rat &; bug killer, bug repellent*
28. Salt*
29. Shampoo, tooth paste*
31. Storage containers -- all sizes, food grade for water, gas cans, propane tanks, trash bags
32. Stove pipe*
33. Tarps, plastic sheeting (visqueeen), ropes, paracord, cloth pins, duct tape *
34. Tires LT 25/75R16*
35. Whisky, Liquor, Rum, etc.*
36. Z **** These marked items are wanted new and in some quantity.*******
Anything on this list that you have can be traded for some of the 100s of items that I have!
A to Z ,,,,, New to Antique!!!!
I will also consider other items you may have!

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