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Ice cream & fruit blast 411/recipe/IC&FB

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Jun 02, 2017

Ice cream & fruit blast 411/recipe/ (IC&FB) $20
Get your cool down & set-up ready. Hot weather is on the way.
Get professional when it comes to serving cool down treats. Hot weather is moving in quickly. You need to get you plans together ASAP. This delicious marriage of the perfect mix of fruit and ice cream has to be administered by the professionals. Your ingredients include premium vanilla ice cream & select ready to serve fruit with just the right amount being delivered .Don`t
Forget to top off with whip cream and premium cherries. This is the master piece of refreshment & cool down service. Use our complete recipe, ingredients: serving equipment, set-ups, delivery style & crucial timing with serve delivery that completes the enjoyment.
Easily serve professionally to family, friends or guests or start your own unique cool down system and authentic recipe. Be ready don`t get caught in the heat of the day without an excellent cool down mode that can be served in a universal capacity. Be ready for the losing team that may need a big pick-up (you have the winning recipe to lift their spirits). Sit back with family and just enjoy an award winning combination and style of preparing, serving and enjoying that keeps you thinking ahead. $20 per system ice cream & fruit 411 recipe. 2 year warranty with complete business and personal delivery methods.

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