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Indoor customized wall strg. design sys.

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Rocky Mount, NC 27804, United States
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Jun 02, 2017

$50 Indoor customized wall storage design system. (2x4`s and 4x8`s combination. Go ahead, extend any storage resources, Start building a secure storage zone.
Use our pinpoint pre-engineered design system. Built with strong steel screws that are securely bolted. Made with 2x4`s and custom cut 4x8`s plywood sheets and the height is 8 feet tall. Get ready to maximize your indoor storage to the fullest. Perfect for the garage, home, business, personal work locations, and many other settings. You will need to find a solid wood or other soft material solid wall with no electrical wiring or outlets. These storage systems are perfect for storing supplies, inventory, parts, garage and universal storage requirements. You will need one or two people to assist you. The wall storage system will be bolted to an empty wall. Get ready to leverage your entire inside storage needs with precision accuracy. If you need bulk order systems our package gives you that specific production and timely logistics information to make for real-time solutions. Plan for the install for as many wall storage systems as you need. Our design system has a 10 year warranty. $50 per design system.

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