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Global Economic Forecast 600 page + Film

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What is really going on in our World Today! What on earth will it take? description of Gobal Economic Meltdown 2012 600 page document forecasting inflation, 4th Federal reserve banking collapse, oil prices denominated in Rubles and Yuan instead of dollars, new gold backed currencies issued, large changes in currency exchange rates, New World Order, Congress renews Federal Reserve S Act ystem when it expires its 100 year charter in 2013.

Available world wide c.i.f. for $100 with 30 days subsequent free consultation and advice. Payment of $100.00 by email using Credit card through PayPal to our account at PayPal, U.S. Postal service, Priority Mail in flat rate box 5 day delivery world wide insured. References, credentials, testimonials upon request Free examples of contents at



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