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Vintage Knickerbocker plush Snoopy Hugging Woodstock 8"

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Apr 04, 2012

This is a Knickerbocker Vintage Snoopy and Woodstock. Both are soft and plush and have felt eyes. Snoopy has a pom pom nose and is about 8" tall. Pre-owned in nice condition. Snoopy may not be as bright white as brand new but otherwise has no flaws that I can see.

Snoopy's cloth tush tag says SNOOPY (c) 1958 1968 (or 66? hard to read) United Features Syndicate, Inc. All new materials. Colored shredded clippings shredded polyurethane foam synthetic fibers and shredded cellulose fibers.

Woodstock's tush tag reads (c) 1965 1972 and is otherwise the same as Snoopy's

Surface wash only.

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