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Picasso's Etching, "Artiste's Mine"; 347 Series

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Pablo Picasso
Etching, Engraving
Figures, Portraits
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Title: "Artiste's Mine";
Style: Modern (ca. 1880-1970)
Medium: Prints, Etching / Engraving
Year: 1968
Print/Casting Year: 1968
Size: height - 10.01"; width - 13.88"; depth - 0 mm

The etching is a painter sucking the vagina of his model. On the easel is mounted an, unfinished, oval painting . The artist's palette is at the foot of the easel. A nosy-parker, presumably a friend of the artist, observes the scene through the right side curtain. The woman is seen with a fiery expression of satisfaction, while with the two hands half opens the folds of her swollen vagina, to facilitate the work of the painter to suck. The artist phallus looks like a worthy trophy that will be donated generously to the model. Superb work, hot topic!

Medium: Etching on Rives paper
Size: height - 10.96"; width - 14.67"; depth - 0 mm
Dated 22 April 1968 (top center), signed lower left
Condition is excellent, Etching is not framed

When printing a limited edition release most publishers create an artist’s proof edition of smaller or bigger size than the regular numbered release. This is to allow the artist to retain a portion of the prints to give as gifts or to sell after the general edition has been sold out. Both editions are printed from the same plates. When describing an edition size people will often say; There is not a quality difference between the proof edition and the regular edition and therefore there should be no difference in monetary value between a print from either edition. I am not aware that the signature on the etching was done by Picasso, but also I know otherwise.

About Picasso's 347 Series
In his ninth decade, Picasso created the remarkable group of etchings known as the 347 series in less than 7 months, from March 16th to October 5th, 1968. He collaborated with the master printers Piero and Aldo Crommelynck in his private studio near Cannes.

While combining different cultures, icons, and periods in this series, Picasso was able to create a unifying theme throughout: that of the narrator and observer rather than participant. The works are a panorama of compelling imagery including circus figures, musketeers, caballeros, musicians, and painters with their models, many charged with an erotic tone. Picasso's command of the challenging techniques of etching, engraving, dry-point and aquatint are revealed forcefully in the 347 works, along with the highly personal and facile drawing ability he possessed in his late years.

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